BS381C Colour Chart

Rainbow sparkle or silver sparkle can be added to any of the colours listed in our colour charts.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the colours displayed within our colour charts are a representation only and we cannot guarantee an exact colour match between the glass sample and the colour as seen on your viewing device. For exact colours, please refer to product samples supplied by abc Glass Processing.
Sky blueBS381 101Sky blue
Peacock blueBS381 103Peacock blue
Azure blueBS381 104Azure blue
Oxford blueBS381 105Oxford blue
Royal blueBS381 106Royal blue
Strong blueBS381 107Strong blue
Aircraft blueBS381 108Aircraft blue
Middle blue / AnchusaBS381 109Middle blue / Anchusa
Roundel blueBS381 110Roundel blue
Arctic blue / Fiesta BlueBS381 112Arctic blue / Fiesta Blue
Deep saxe blueBS381 113Deep saxe blue
French blueBS381 166French blue
Pale roundel blueBS381 172Pale roundel blue
Light French blueBS381 175Light French blue
SkyBS381 210Sky
Eau de NilBS381 216Eau de Nil
Sea greenBS381 217Sea green
Grass greenBS381 218Grass green
Olive greenBS381 220Olive green
Brilliant greenBS381 221Brilliant green
Middle bronze greenBS381 223Middle bronze green
Deep bronze greenBS381 224Deep bronze green
Light Brunswick greenBS381 225Light Brunswick green
Mid Brunswick greenBS381 226Mid Brunswick green
Deep Brunswick greenBS381 227Deep Brunswick green
Emerald green / ViridianBS381 228Emerald green / Viridian
Dark greenBS381 241Dark green
Bold greenBS381 262Bold green
Deep chrome green / Traffic greenBS381 267Deep chrome green / Traffic green
Verdigris greenBS381 280Verdigris green
Aircraft grey greenBS381 283Aircraft grey green
Spruce greenBS381 284Spruce green
NATO greenBS381 285NATO green
Olive drabBS381 298Olive drab
Canary yellowBS381 309Canary yellow
PrimroseBS381 310Primrose
GrapefruitBS381 315Grapefruit
Light brownBS381 320Light brown
Very dark drabBS381 337Very dark drab
Pale creamBS381 352Pale cream
Deep creamBS381 353Deep cream
LemonBS381 355Lemon
Golden yellowBS381 356Golden yellow
Light buffBS381 358Light buff
Light stoneBS381 361Light stone
Bold yellowBS381 363Bold yellow
VellumBS381 365Vellum
Light beigeBS381 366Light beige
ManillaBS381 367Manilla
BiscuitBS381 369Biscuit
Camouflage desert sandBS381 380Camouflage desert sand
Light strawBS381 384Light straw
BeigeBS381 388Beige
Camouflage beigeBS381 389Camouflage beige
Middle brownBS381 411Middle brown
Dark brownBS381 412Dark brown
Golden brownBS381 414Golden brown
Dk camBS381 420Dk cam'flage desert sand
Dark camouflage brownBS381 436Dark camouflage brown
Venetian redBS381 445Venetian red
Salmon pinkBS381 447Salmon pink
Shell pinkBS381 453Shell pink
Pale roundel redBS381 454Pale roundel red
Service brownBS381 499Service brown
Signal redBS381 537Signal red
Post office red / CherryBS381 538Post office red / Cherry
Currant redBS381 539Currant red
MaroonBS381 541Maroon
RubyBS381 542Ruby
Light orangeBS381 557Light orange
Bold redBS381 564Bold red
ApricotBS381 568Apricot
International orangeBS381 592International orange
Rail red / Azo orangeBS381 593Rail red / Azo orange
Camouflage greyBS381 626Camouflage grey
Light aircraft greyBS381 627Light aircraft grey
Dark camouflage greyBS381 629Dark camouflage grey
French greyBS381 630French grey
Light greyBS381 631Light grey
Dark admiralty greyBS381 632Dark admiralty grey
Medium sea greyBS381 637Medium sea grey
Dark sea greyBS381 638Dark sea grey
NightBS381 642Night
Light weatherwork greyBS381 676Light weatherwork grey
Dark weatherwork greyBS381 677Dark weatherwork grey
Smoke greyBS381 692Smoke grey
Aircraft greyBS381 693Aircraft grey
Dove greyBS381 694Dove grey
Light admiralty greyBS381 697Light admiralty grey
Dark violetBS381 796Dark violet
Light violetBS381 797Light violet

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