close up of frosted glass staircase

Glass Design Trends for 2020

The popularity of glass has never been higher in the interior design world. From sleek glass stairways to jaw-dropping glass partitions, we’re seeing more homeowners and designers embracing the versatile and stylish properties of our favourite material. But what are the hottest new glass design trends for 2020? In this article we explore some of the best on-trend uses for glass, both in the home and the garden.

Glass for Walk-In Shower Areas

bespoke cut shower screen and door under sloped roof

According to Houzz, walk-in showers and wetrooms were both among the most popular trends of last year were. Naturally, glass is an essential part of any stylish and practical walk-in shower area, with frameless shower screens very much in demand. As we explored last month, these made-to-measure screens bring a genuine “wow-factor” to any bathroom. With many homeowners wanting big showers that offer easy access, it’s no wonder that our toughened glass shower panels are in high demand.

Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

The environment and climate change has taken centre stage in the news this year. As such, there’s more pressure than ever for home renovation projects to strive to be as energy-efficient as possible. By installing windows and doors with wooden, uPVC or aluminium frames, designers can prevent heat from escaping more easily.

Fluted & Frosted Glass

Fluted designs have been around since the ancient Greeks. It’s a classic style that transcends eras and tastes, so no wonder fluted glass is considered a major feather in our glass processing cap. 2020 is tipped to see kitchen designers embrace fluted glass cabinets, combined with other effects such as frosting. The 3D quality of fluted glass adds character to any interior as well as bouncing light across the room.

close up of frosted glass staircase

As for frosting, more homeowners are using it for more privacy, especially in the bathroom. With an increasing trend of open-plan and glass partition bathrooms, having a fully frosted bespoke shower screen guarantees privacy whilst being far more sleek than a semi-dividing wall. At abc Glass, our sandblasting technology will help you achieve that perfect frosted look for your next shower screen, as well as cabinets, worktops, and even glass shelves.

Glass With Fewer Sightlines

The beauty of glass is its lack of obstruction. There’s no better way to let natural light permeate through the home and garden than with an abundance of glass. The best way to maximise light through doors and windows is to make the frames as small as possible. As such, we’ve noticed a resurgence in floor-to-ceiling windows and glass sliding doors – and this trend is set to continue into 2020. Why not make the most of our frameless glass doors service and customise your glass door with clear, ultra-clear, frosted or patterned glass.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our round-up of the best 2020 glass design trends. If you have a bold glass vision for your next home or commercial space, give us a call or email. In the meantime, you can explore our many glass processing services to see how modern glass technology can bright light and style to your interior.

thin glass shelving above bathroom sink

The Best Glass Shelving Ideas For Homes & Commercial Spaces

In the market for a stylish set of shelves? Let glass do the talking. Modern glass-cutting technology lets you achieve any shape of glass shelf, no matter your preferred dimensions. Whether you fancy an ultra-thin shelf or a stylish patterned glass finish, there’s practically no limit to what glass shelving can do.

kitchen ceramic and white mug on a glass shelves in a white cabinet with colorful mosaic background.

Glass shelves allow for highly creative designs, from mirrored shelving to frosted and patterned finishes. Let’s look at some of the best on-trend glass shelving ideas, plus a few underrated styles that we love.

Space-saving glass shelves

Quite often, homeowners and interior designers are faced with a lack of space. This is especially true of bathrooms and hallways, where shelves tend to be narrower to avoid being knocked against. Our bespoke glass cutting service can create glass shelves of any dimensions, as thin as 4mm. Even our thinnest, narrowest shelves can easily support heavy objects due to the extra-tough properties of our toughened glass.

Custom shelves for vanity units

Bathroom and kitchen vanity units are extremely popular in modern home renovations. So how to you make your vanity unit stand out from the crowd? A custom-made glass shelf, of course! There are two ways you can incorporate a bespoke glass shelf into a vanity unit. First, as a “hidden” middle or upper shelf in the interior of a vanity unit, or second as an “open” shelf accessed without a door.

modern bowl style hand wash basin on a granite corner shelf

A host of glass finishes

You don’t just have to settle for clear glass, either. Glass shelves can be produced in all kinds of finishes: frosted, tinted, back painted and more. Coloured glass is achieved by back painting technology, letting you choose virtually any colour for your glass shelves. For a spot of mystery, sandblasted or frosted glass shelves create a cool, translucent effect.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Any decent bathroom design must incorporate a mirror or two. With the growing trend for large and full-length mirror surfaces, why not get creative with your shelving by pairing it with a mirrored glass background? Alternatively, you can go the whole hog by asking our glass technicians to create fully mirrored shelves, best installed below eye-level. Choose from an antique or modern finish, with polished and bevelled edges available.

shopping mall interior with product detail

Ideal for home bars

Home bars are making a comeback – and that means more glass in the living room. Open glass shelves elevated by metal brackets make for the ideal home bar unit, especially when paired with LED lighting. Indeed, few things in the home are bound to impress more than a shimmering, curved glass shelf to place your drinks, bottles and glasses.

At abc Glass, we specialise in designing and processing glass for bespoke shelving. Whether you dream of a home bar with glass shelving, or feel like jazzing up your bathroom with mirrored shelves, get in touch with our glass processing specialists today.

bespoke cut shower screen and door under sloped roof

How to Use Glass For a Bespoke Shower Area

Bespoke shower areas are an increasingly popular trend in bathroom design. From seamless wet rooms to luxurious shower enclosures, large glass panels have never been more sought after in the bathroom.

frameless corner shower enclosure with niche

The first major appeal is one of style. An eye-catching piece of glass can transform even the most mundane bathroom into a striking modern statement. By adding a slide or hinged door, frosting, advanced CNC and water jet cutting into the mix, designers can alter the personality of a bathroom like never before.

Another reason is to do with demographics. There are now more homeowners above 60 years old than ever before, which has led to a surge in “futureproofing” projects that cater for the needs of older, less mobile users. These projects tend to involve a “bath out, shower” in solution that replaces a classic bath tub with a bespoke shower area.

The final cut

bespoke cut shower screen and door under sloped roof

Many homeowners are faced with the challenge of adapting a shower area for an unusual space. This is particularly true of older period homes such as those with original wooden beams and low ceilings. Likewise, when squeezing a shower area under the eaves of a roof, you’ll need more than a simple “off the peg” solution.

This is where a bespoke glass shower area comes in. World-class cutting technology, such as the kinds used by abc Glass in our Portsmouth factory, can be used to modify shower screens to fit even the most unorthodox dimensions. There are virtually no limits to the shape of your glass shower enclosure – odd angles and unusual dimensions are embraced, not avoided.

When the going gets tough

glass sheet being put through a toughening machine

Safety is paramount when designing a bespoke shower enclosure. The last thing you need after slipping in the shower is for the glass panel to come crashing down with you. At abc Glass, we specialise in toughened safety glass for shower screens, guaranteeing a sturdy and stable quality for even the most unusually-shaped panel. The panels are made through a careful process of heating glass to 600°C in our in-house furnace, before quickly cooling the outer faces.

Frameless is the future

frameless glass shower enclosure with diagonal edge

Nothing sums up the bespoke showers craze like the unstoppable rise of frameless shower screens. It’s easy to spot the appeal – not only are frameless screens sleek and stylish, but they open up huge potential for creative dimensions. If your screen is jutting up against a sloped ceiling (like above,) a steel frame is unnecessary. Our specialist team manufactures your glass enclosure to your exact specifications, resulting in a unique, minimalist design.

Do you fancy a cutting-edge bespoke shower area for your bathroom? Perhaps a stunning frameless design that integrates with the shape of the room? If so, abc Glass offers all manner of glass processing services, from intricate cutting to stunning glass colours and finishes. Use our contact page to get in touch with the team, or explore our many services for your ideal solution.

Glass partition wall between bathroom and ensuite bathroom

How to use glass partition walls to zone open-plan spaces

Open-plan has been the buzzword among builders and interior designers of recent years. With a focus on collaborative working spaces, connecting more with the family in the home and a lack of space in some urban developments, it’s not hard to see why. Glass partition walls are the zen zoning zenith for an open-plan space – where subtle privacy and structuring can exist side-by-side with all-out shareability – while making the most of natural light and architectural features.

Glass partition wall between bathroom and ensuite bathroom

Despite so many choices when it comes to décor, size and shape of space, glass partitioning walls are an excellent option for dividing an open-plan space without disturbing the flow of light and energy. A glass wall or “window wall” can provide everything from an audio-break to a soupcon of style and, offering as much functionality as it does flair, makes a smart addition to winning blueprints.

Glass partitions can be used just about anywhere


Modern office interior with stylish glass partitions

In an office, glass room dividers can allow the opportunity to create a meeting room or reception space with floor-to-ceiling glass walls within a larger open-plan office. Glass partition walls for the home offer limitless options too – from smell and sound barrier between kitchen and living area to light-reflecting break between bedroom and bathroom to seamless split between inside and outside. Fixtures, fittings and features in adjoining rooms – such as a feature bathtub, mosaic tiling or natural wood beams – also get the chance to become double-whammy showstoppers.

Crittall style glass interior partition with double doors

And who says it has to be a solid glass wall? You could incorporate sliding glass partitions for occasional zoning when the mood suits – grid-style if you fancy a bit of art deco glamour or frameless for extra delicacy. Why not try an arch divider crafted from glass for a softer screen? This adds kudos between kitchen-diners and adds va-va-voom to vestibules.

Glass balustrades as glazed partitions


Frameless glass stair balustrade with timber handrail

While the term “glass partition walls” may conjure images of floor-to-ceiling room breaks, half-height glass dividers in the form of glass balustrades can be really effective.

Whether you want to more clearly zone a mezzanine in a bijou new-build or to create continuity between floors in the grand atrium of a barn conversion, these glass room dividers will echo a comma in your broader “style sentence” rather than the harsh full stop of a brick partitioning wall or a framed floor-to-ceiling glass wall.

These half-height glass balustrades are best used in spaces where noise is no issue as they’ll provide little barrier to sound between zones they also put less emphasis on enlarging a space.

Stair glass panels


Glass partition walls allow light into this basement staircase

There’s a way to make your staircase part of an open-plan room and maintain the natural flow: stair glass panels. While you can make a glass staircase a stand-out feature in a room dominated by darker wood or a warehouse vibe, you can use stair glass panels to transcend in a way that’s totally in-keeping with the continuity of the room.

There’s nothing more uplifting than living or working in a space where natural light illuminates glass steps, banisters and stair glass panels. Add metal struts, fixtures and fittings for full-on industrial-chic or keep glass wall panels frameless for contemporary seamless simplicity.

Glass wall choices


Frosted glass with musical notes design

When it comes to glass partitions, glass balustrades and stair glass panels, there are various options with regard to colour, finish and style so you can have the exact glass wall zoning that suits your project. Your custom glass processing options include:

  • Tinted of painted glass walls – Have your glass partition walls clear (for subtle zoning), tinted (for more oomph) or painted (for all-over colour pop) to suit your interior styling. Why not choose a combination of clear and coloured, using tinted and/or painted glass in different formations and in different areas to make the most of how the natural light interacts at different times of day and season?
  • Mirrored glass walls – Use mirrored glass to create an even greater large-space-illusion and to reflect the entire space’s style – literally. A carefully placed rug can also help zoning so why not pick a colour or texture you want carried on through effortlessly and place it near a mirrored glass partition for maximum wow? A mirrored glass splashback could be teamed with a mirrored glass room divider to elongate a space too.
  • Frosted glass walls – Whether you choose total frost or intricate patterns that incorporate opaque and clear glass in unison, frosted glass wall partitions not only make an excellent style statement but are the perfect way to create privacy using a small part of an internal glass wall or external glass wall. Frosted glass walls work wonders in bathrooms and could even create a little sanctuary for a reading nook or between desks.
  • Fabric interlayer glass walls – In the same way frosted glass can beckon privacy and panache, fabric interlayers can be added to your glass wall at the glass processing stage for pure pizazz. This could be a custom design and integrate patterning, colour or texture from elsewhere in your space to achieve a coordinated look for ultra-stylish yet subtle zoning.
  • Laminated glass walls – Laminated toughened glass is the best choice for all glass room dividers. Whether it’s in the home or commercial space, in case of incident you want a glass that’s going to hold when shattered rather than scatter into tiny dangerous shards. Our laminated glass has an interlayer between two more layers of glass, which can be toughened for super-strength to a safe EN12150 standard. At abc Glass Processing, we specialise in tempered (toughened) glass and provide quality toughened glass for stairs as well as glass room dividers that stands the test of time.

It’s clear to see why we’re leading glass wall suppliers

Contact abc Glass Processing today for your glass partition wall needs and our skilled and experienced team will be only too happy to help and talk you through your options. Let us know exactly what you’re looking for and your lead-time – we’ll work with you to find the perfect glass wall solution.

Full width bespoke bathroom mirror with twin was basins

How to Use Mirrors to Make Interior Design Dazzle

The benefit of an excellent mirror is far from just being to show your reflection – it can reflect so much more. A bathroom mirror, kitchen mirror, bedroom mirror, lounge mirror or even garden mirror can create the illusion of space and extend the reach of natural light far and wide for a more desirable living or work space. Here at abc, our skilled glass processing experts can create any size, shape and design of mirror you wish so that your interior design project achieves maximum flair.

Add mirrors for kitchen kudos

kitchen mirrors are less about admiring your reflection while you cook up a culinary storm (although celebrity chefs certainly manage it!) and more about broadening the space you’ve got to work with. Whether it’s creating the illusion of more space in pokier pantries or creating a seamless transition from kitchen work top to ceiling or storage space, mirrors work marvels in the kitchen. Mirrored kitchen splashbacks can accomplish both these goals as can aesthetic design pieces.

Kitchen doors with mirrored doors

Beguiling bathroom mirrors

Some want contemporary washroom wonder while others want traditionally tranquil spaces and there’s a mirror to suit every size and style of bathroom. Like in the kitchen, mirrors can extend the look and feel of the space. But, here, a good quality mirror (that doesn’t steam-up) and shows all the details of the face when beautifying is invaluable too. We can cut and shape bathroom mirrors, from bespoke frameless mirrors for illuminated vanity units to full length mirrors, to your exact specifications and we can even provide replacements for broken mirrors.

Large bathroom mirror makes this small room appear much larger

Sparkle and space

We’ve already mentioned how magnificent mirrors are for creating the illusion of space but we’re not just talking your average wall mirrors. We can supply laminated glass for balustrades and banisters as well as balconies and outdoor mirrors, if you really want to make the most of the natural light and add an edge to your design. Have you got a narrow bedroom that needs to feel more relaxing than restrictive? An extra-large mirror that extends across the headboard or ceiling space could be just the job. Need a supply of quality gym mirrors or hankering for a bespoke mirror featuring an etched design or texture for a spa-like sanctuary? We can do that too.

Full height mirrored wardrobe doors

Style statement

While we create regular bathroom mirrors and wall mirrors for other parts of the home and commercial spaces, we never skimp on style. Our skilled craftsmen can create bevelled mirrors, vintage mirrors, mirrors featuring coloured glass or even garden mirrors so that your space exudes your personal style throughout. You can even use mirrors to extend the use of your chosen colour palette and furnishings – when carefully placed, a mirror can really help to make the colours and textures of a room pop. Also think centrepiece mirrors and mirrored shelves and table tops to take your style statement one step further.

A garden wall mirror

Explore our full range of glass products, from mirrors to mirrored splashbacks, here. To find out more about our glass processing services, and how we can create the mirror you desire from your design specifications or replace a broken mirror, contact us today.

Crittall style glass interior partition with double doors

Gorgeous Glass Interior Design Trends for 2019

Crittall style glass interior partition with double doors

Kitchen cool

According to Houzz, there’s been a drift towards making kitchen cabinets more of a feature in recent years. And, in 2019, interior designers will be making the most of natural light to create “window walls”. What, if with abc’s help, you could go one step further and add decorative detail to this window wall so that you’re still getting your natural light fix but with added flair? We could create a wall of glass with frosted glass or add a glass etching pattern, glass texture, a picture or a logo.

Frosted glass with musical notes design

Quartz kitchen worktops are tipped to be the new granite, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to glass. The abc team specialises in painted and printed glass kitchen worktops and can create any colour, pattern or style so we’d happily accommodate your quartz enquiries. As metal finishes – such as brushed brass, copper and pewter – are also on-trend, you should think about having such shades incorporated into your kitchen worktops and glass splashbacks.

Kitchen with bright orange painted glass splashbacks

Sliding doors as glass partitions, for both interior and exterior spaces, are hot this year too. It’s all about creating a seamless feel between living areas, maximising light and the impression of space, linking up design themes where relevant. A sliding glass door that picks up some kitchen décor detailing, such as a colourway or etched design, could be an excellent option for your next project. Folding fluted glass doors in the kitchen and the bathroom are also a chic way to conceal white goods or gain privacy. Speaking of bathrooms…

Bathroom beauty

The latest bathroom design trends have Mediterranean vibes – think warm terracotta shades and earthy chocolate tones as well as intricate Moroccan tile style etchings on glass shower screens. Just add a large mirror and freestanding bath tub positioned to capture fantastic views (you could even go for some glass wall art) while soaking. We can’t think of anything more suited to the ultimate serene spa-like haven of the modern bathroom.

Mordern bathroom with warm brown tones and freestanding bath

Elegant frameless glass shower enclosures continue to be popular and we can create the clean lines of made-to-measure shower screens in any thickness of toughened glass you desire. The industrial look is proving increasingly popular. As reported in Ideal Home, “The grid design frames the area and has a more modern, urban feel than plain glass”. Some designers and developers are taking this glass and steel feel to other parts of the home and Houzz says you can expect to see more grid-style dividers and glass partitions between rooms for graphic styling and a lighter and more open zoning effect.

A Drench “Deco” shower enclosure installed by Room H2o

Exposed hardware, such as piping and bare walls, will achieve industrial-chic when combined with concrete look floor/wall tiles and glass shelves. What’s more illuminated bathroom mirrors and mirrored cabinets, which are among this year’s bathroom furniture must-haves, will complement bathrooms that have a warehouse vibe by adding warmth and light.

The master craftsmen at abc Glass Processing create a variety of kitchen worktops, glass bathroom shelves, glass shower screens and wall mirrors that are bang on-trend for the most contemporary homes and commercial interiors. Contact us today to find out more and discuss your glass interior design requirements.