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About us

The company started trading 1st January 2000 under the ownership of Alan, Barry and Craig, hence the name of abc Glass Processing Ltd.

The company started out in Tipner Wharf with a 3000sq foot factory, with the simple aim of supplying a quality service and product, which we still believe in today.

We also believe that we would try to supply processed glass that we could only produce in house, which again we try to maintain to this day. Supplying only glass which is produced in house allows us to maintain a quality product, when the customer requires it.

We moved to larger premise in Dundas close in 2007 and expanded into next door factory in 2015 now giving us manufacturing capacity of 20,000sq feet.

Also during this time we have invested in quality machinery and increase staffing levels to 30, with always the aim to supply a quality service and product to our customers.